Actual Thin Veneers Patients from Dr. Blair and Dr. Conditt!

“I chose to get veneers because my teeth were discolored from a fever I had as a toddler. My teeth had also become chipped and warn. After a consultation with Dr. Conditt, I felt comfortable that he could give me the smile that I always wanted. The first visit was super easy, which was good because I was afraid of pain afterwards. Dr. Conditt let me choose the smile I wanted and made sure I liked them before he put them in. Now I am always smiling and get complimented every day.”
– Kim

Dr. Conditt did a fabulous job restoring my weakened teeth with porcelain veneers. Thanks to his artistry, I still look like “me” … only better! My smile is beautiful and I couldn't be more grateful for the warmth and caring I've been shown by Dr. Conditt and his entire staff.

The porcelain veneers have given my smile an “even” and “balanced” appearance. The veneers are of an appropriate length and width for my mouth - they look and feel natural. I have confidence in my smile, for the first time in a long time!

Thanks Dr. Conditt and very capable staff for giving me the confidence to have some much needed dental work completed along with veneers that uncovered a very protected smile. I now smile with a new confidence at seventy years old. Thanks Again,

"I was always very self-conscious about my smile. Thanks to his extreme talents Dr. Conditt completely changed my smile with a complete set of veneers and crowns. Now I have to find something else to feel self-conscious about. No luck yet, and I think I never will. Dr. Conditt and his staff approach every visit with warm-professionalism. Sometimes all we need to feel comfortable as patients is a little drugs and hugs."