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Thin Veneers in Fort Worth, TX

Beautify your smile with thin veneers from Drs. Blair and Conditt!

Do you hope of one day having a brilliant, shining smile? If you weren’t naturally graced with white, straight teeth, then this goal may seem like just a pipe dream. At the Ft. Worth office of Dr. Kelly Blair and Dr. Mitch Conditt, we understand that some people need additional help with enriching their overall look. To get professional assistance for your smile transformation, please contact our Ft. Worth office today!

During your consultation, Dr. Conditt or Dr. Blair will evaluate your smile to learn if you are a good candidate for thin veneers. They’ll  check for any dental decay or possible gum disease, but chances are that you’re ready to receive this treatment. Then, we’ll take notes on the size and shape of your teeth to send to DURAthin, where your new veneers will be crafted. We like to ensure that veneers are customized for each of our patients in order to provide a good fit!

When we receive your DURAthin veneers, we’ll call you back to our Fort Worth dental practice. Your Fort Worth dentist will then be able to permanently attach the thin veneers to your teeth to create the image of a naturally beautiful smile. The best news is that you’ll be able to eat and drink like normal because the materials used to make the thin veneers are actually stronger than real teeth! Plus, if you change your mind about the veneers, you can have a dentist remove them later. We’re sure that you won’t want to, however, once you see the beneficial impact they can have.

Please contact us today to schedule your thin veneers appointment at our Ft. Worth office. Drs. Blair and Conditt see patients from Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Keller, North Richland Hills, and the surrounding Texas communities for thin veneers placement. If this will be your first time with us, we ask that you please take a moment to review the information detailed on our new patients page. Our entire team looks forward to helping you by placing thin veneers.